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A New Way Forward for Smart Buildings

IotaComm is a New Way Forward for Smart Buildings

A new way forward for existing buildings and new building plans. It’s a way to upgrade and power applications and systems that buildings currently have into one solution to maximize efficiency and total costs. This is coming at a time when buildings need fresh alignment and new solutions that are intuitive to install end-to-end. Put simply, IotaComm will provide smart building automation in one, complete solution, and put you a step closer to making your building smarter.

End-to-End Solution for Internet of Things

“Things” are primarily data sources that are digitized and can include information from equipment, sensors, people, environment, building, etc.


Access your buildings’ intelligence, using our line of IoT sensors and cloud-based software, to deliver real-time remote-monitoring and alerts.


Easy-to-install wireless sensors, meters and devices unlock valuable data from your existing infrastructure (Mechanical, Electrical and Environmental), providing granular visibility into your facility’s operations.


Our Delphi360 platform gives you the insights and alerts to increase operational visibility and proactively manage your facility. Identify opportunities, improve performance and share insights across teams and organizations.


By combining data and analytics, our platform provides a continuous feedback loop that optimizes energy efficiency, improves operational performance, drives significant facility cost savings and enhances the comfort and productivity of building occupants.

Having worked with IotaComm for several years, I believe their solutions support the future of health and wellness in schools, an undeniable priority. The indoor environmental quality sensors have been effective in monitoring ventilation, and we received a positive response from teachers who were curious and ecstatic to learn school spaces were going to be monitored. Beyond that, the collected data has begun to inform us about other health and wellness areas. Portable sensors with a central database that consistently records data and provides real-time alerts allow staff members to be proactive about their room environment ultimately lessening adverse impacts on learning.

-Larry Eighmy
Managing Principal
The Stone House Group


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