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Elevate Learning Environments with Our K-12 Smart Building Solutions: Where Health, Safety and Sustainability Unite for a Future-Ready Education Experience

Our solutions enhance student productivity and foster a culture of learning excellence. We’re committed to creating secure and optimal environments that empower students to thrive in their educational journey, setting the stage for lifelong success

Fostering Safety and Peak Performance for Students and Teachers:

  • Nearly 90% of student time is spent indoors, while air containments can often be higher indoors. Elevate cognitive performance, lower virus survival rates and sick days with optimal Indoor Environmental Quality Monitoring
  • Research shows elevated particulate matter (PM), micro dust and volatile chemicals (VOCs) can result in lower test scores, while heightened CO2 levels can cause fatigue and drowsiness
  • Schools implementing sustainability or “green” initiatives on average perform over 60% higher on cognitive test scores
  • During emergencies or drills, teachers and staff can use Occupancy Monitoring data to quickly account for all students and ensure their safety

School Leaders and Facility Managers Can Revolutionize Building Operations for Efficiency, Savings, and Sustainable Triumph:

  • Swiftly identify and resolve building issues such as low CO2 levels which negatively impact facility energy efficiency, in real-time through tailored alerts
  • High humidity levels can generate mold. Safeguard structural integrity and prevent costly damage from unaddressed moisture issues and remediate leaks preserving learning environments
  • Monitoring occupancy helps efficiently manage resources such as lighting, heating, and cooling in classrooms and common areas. Unoccupied spaces can have their systems adjusted or turned off, leading to energy and cost savings
  • Rooms and facilities can be cleaned and maintained promptly, avoiding disruptions to learning activities while enabling more efficient scheduling of cleaning and maintenance tasks
  • Foster Community Trust by Sharing Classroom Air Quality Data with Educators, Students, and Parents

Having worked with IotaComm for several years, I believe their solutions support the future of health and wellness in schools, an undeniable priority. The indoor environmental quality sensors have been effective in monitoring ventilation, and we received a positive response from teachers who were curious and ecstatic to learn school spaces were going to be monitored. Beyond that, the collected data has begun to inform us about other health and wellness areas. Portable sensors with a central database that consistently records data and provides real-time alerts allow staff members to be proactive about their room environment ultimately lessening adverse impacts on learning.

-Larry Eighmy
Managing Principal
The Stone House Group


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