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IotaComm’s Sense of Purpose is Derived from an Eagerness to Positively Impact Communities

Welcome to IotaCommUnity™

Vision & Mission:

IotaCommUnity’s vision is to positively impact the communities in which we live, work and play by connecting with others through volunteerism and giving.

We fulfill our sense of purpose for what we do as a team and as individuals by making an impact in the communities in which we serve. Our approach is multi-faceted and diverse, enabling technology wherever possible in the areas of health, safety and sustainability.

Vision & Mission:

Our IotaCommUnity initiative defines IotaComm’s sense of purpose which underpins the value-creating activities we do on behalf of our shareholders.

We believe that by contributing to the well-being of our community, we are adding even more value to our organization and impacting the people around us in a profoundly positive way.

Here, we believe positive and lasting impact is achieved by:

  • Implementing environmentally friendly practices
  • Supporting charitable causes
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion
  • Providing fair wages and benefits to employees
  • Ensuring ethical sourcing of materials

IotaCommUnity™ in Action:

Each year, our employees participate in the United Way’s Workplace campaign and join in the fight to strengthen and rebuild our communities by contributing to causes and initiatives that are meaningful to each of our employees.

We are proud to support the Allentown School District Foundation by volunteering in their reading program. Our staff invests time in connecting with elementary school students during the year by reading to classrooms all throughout our local school district hoping to help make a positive, statistical difference in student literacy.

Through the creation of the Center for Sustainable Innovation (CSI) we enable technology ecosystems through modern public-private partnerships consisting of:

  • Research institutions
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Corporations
  • Investors
  • Non-Profit Organizations

Together, we believe that strategies set forth in our Center for Sustainable Innovation will improve the quality of health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic and job growth within our communities – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our natural environment.

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