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About IotaComm

Welcome to IotaComm™: Pioneering the Future of IoT Wireless Connectivity & Data Solutions

At IotaComm™, we stand at the forefront of innovation, propelling the next phase of IoT wireless connectivity and data analytics solutions. Our expertise lies in harnessing the power of our FCC-licensed 800 MHz spectrum and LoRaWAN® technology to drive a new era of possibilities.

Our commitment is to empower the future of IoT connectivity by bridging gaps and leveraging data to offer tailored solutions that drive progress across all sectors of the connected world.

Mission & Vision:

Our mission is to revolutionize the way businesses and communities harness the Internet of Things by offering ubiquitous connectivity and robust applications to yield impactful data-driven insights. We strive to empower our customers with seamless connectivity, advanced data analytics, and transformative insights, driving efficiency, sustainability, and growth in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Our commitment to innovation and collaboration fuels our passion to shape a healthier and more sustainable world.

Our vision is to connect the world’s things and leverage data to enable a healthier, safer, and more sustainable society.

Values & Culture

Here, the future of our organizational excellence is rooted in an unwavering commitment to our core values and to our “Why”. IotaCommUnity represents our sense of purpose to positively impact communities across the world.

At IotaComm, we are resolute in embodying four pivotal core values that serve as the bedrock of our journey:

Culture : Sustainability : Innovation : Customer Focus

IotaComm stands as a living testament to the transformative power of core values in shaping a future-ready organization. Our journey is characterized by a culture that resonates deeply with employees, customers, shareholders, and the broader community. By infusing our core values into every facet of IotaComm’s existence – from the strategic leadership to the minutiae of daily operations – we foster a culture that not only propels us toward success, but also does so in a manner that is responsible, sustainable, and deeply meaningful. We extend our gratitude to you for joining us on this transformative journey toward a future defined by excellence.

Foundation & Advantage

Bridging Connectivity & Harnessing Data for a Smarter Tomorrow

In the realm of IoT, connectivity to the Internet serves as the bedrock of innovation. While prevailing technologies like Wi-Fi, cellular, BLE, and other forms of connectivity have faithfully served society for decades, there exists a significant connectivity gap that LPWANs (Low-Power Wide-Area Networks) address in the context of IoT.

Unlike the bandwidth-intensive demands fueling the excitement around 5G, most IoT applications do not require such extensive data rates. This is where LPWANs excel, offering characteristics such as low power consumption, impressive barrier penetration, and extensive coverage. In the evolving landscape of IoT, several standards vie for prominence, each striving to meet the unique requirements of the connected world.

Leading the LPWAN charge is LoRaWAN®, operating on unlicensed 900 MHz spectrum. Among LPWAN standards, LoRaWAN® has gained unparalleled traction due to its flexibility, cost-effectiveness, open-source nature, and a thriving ecosystem of adopters.

In parallel, LTE and NB-IoT emerge as cellular counterparts to LPWANs, utilizing licensed spectrum to provide heightened security and enhanced reliability. However, these solutions still contend with limitations like sporadic coverage and elevated costs.

At IotaComm, we’re stepping into the market with dual versions of the LoRaWAN® standard: 800 MHz licensed and 900 MHz unlicensed. This strategic dual capability uniquely positions us to cater to a diverse range of customer needs across various industries.

For customers needing real-time data access, top-tier security, and unwavering reliability, our licensed LoRaWAN® emerges as the optimal choice. These industries encompass vital areas such as infrastructure, utilities, municipalities, and healthcare.

Conversely, industries such as commercial real estate, education, hospitality and manufacturing can benefit from our unlicensed LoRaWAN® connectivity, which provides a robust yet cost-effective solution for their connectivity requirements.

Our Leadership

Terrence DeFranco, Chairman and CEO

Terrence DeFranco is Chairman and CEO of IotaComm and brings 25 years of leadership experience in strategy, corporate finance, and governance to the senior management team and a servant-leader management style that empowers his teams to excel. Mr. DeFranco is also the Managing Member of the Center for Sustainable Innovation, a public benefit corporation focused on promoting technology adoption to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals through partnerships with public and private organizations. Previously, Mr. DeFranco served as CEO of Edentify, Inc., an identity management software and data analytics company. Prior to his entrepreneurial career, Mr. DeFranco spent 13 years on Wall Street, serving as head of investment banking for Baird, Patrick & Co., Inc. Mr. DeFranco began his Wall Street career at UBS. He has been an active principal investor, senior manager and advisor to many early-stage companies and has extensive experience in dealing with issues related to the management, finance, operations and corporate development of startup and middle market public and private companies. Mr. DeFranco is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BA in Economics and MBA from Kenan Flagler Business School at UNC-CH, and currently serves on other corporate and non-profit boards and committees.

Derek Wallace, Chief Product and Marketing Officer

Derek has over 25 years of experience in productizing and marketing technology, Industrial IT and Communication products and services globally. Most recently, he was VP of Marketing for the LoRa Alliance®, responsible for growing awareness and adoption of LoRaWAN® globally. Previously, he was Director of Product Management and Marketing for MultiTech, responsible for increasing revenue and profitability for the entire IoT/M2M portfolio, including one of the largest suites of LoRaWAN® products in the industry. He's worked across multiple parts of the value chain and around the world, with stops at Ericsson in Copenhagen, Orange Business Services in London, StrategyMix in Sydney and US West in Minneapolis. An active volunteer, Derek spent many years coaching ultimate frisbee teams around the world and is very involved with his Alma Mater, Carleton College.

Charlie Thiel, Chief Operations Officer

Charlie has over 30 years of organizational and business leadership, and is known for his expertise in business strategy, culture, and operations. He has a proven track record of driving revenue growth and profitability, as well as building high performing teams. Most recently, Charlie was the Managing Partner of Thiel Strategic, providing consulting services to companies across North America. Prior to this, he held the roles of Operations Manager, General Manager, and Vice President, of Communication Services, Inc. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Charlie believes in paying it forward and is an active member of his local community, serving on the board of several non-profit organizations.

Kim Velez, Vice President, Head of Community & Investor Relations

Kim brings over 15 years of experience partnering with major regional and multinational corporations bridging ad sales and marketing solutions for a variety of sectors. Formerly, she has led prominent advertising initiatives for two of NBCUniversal’s cable properties earning her distinguished recognition, Ovation Awards, from the company. Kim also led the development of the Lehigh Valley’s first Children’s Hospital’s marketing and public relations strategy along with forging new value-based initiatives related to healthcare and technology within the Office of Network Transformation at Lehigh Valley Health Network. Kim is active within her community and has created programming and innovative partnerships with various community-based organizations while promoting issues related to early education, wellness and community needs around nutrition, physical activity and emotional support for school students and families.

Stephén Huneycutt, Senior Vice President, Business Development

Stephén brings a wealth of experience in driving revenue growth, pioneering IoT solutions, and cultivating lasting client relationships. Previously at OXIT, he championed transformative partnerships, leading to significant growth. In the personal development and speaking arena, notably with Spark Joy Charlotte, he innovatively pivoted services during the pandemic, earning acclaim from Fortune 500 entities. With Roush Fenway Racing, he played a pivotal role in revitalizing partnerships and strategic collaborations. In the experiential marketing domain, Stephén has contributed to the evolution of immersive experiences for top US brands. At T1 Visions, he developed solutions and managed projects for global clientele, pioneering interactive engagements using cutting-edge technology. A recognized speaker, he's shared insights on youth branding and guerrilla marketing across various platforms. Passionate about racing, Stephén resides in "Race City" USA.

Our mission is to connect the world’s things and leverage data using the power of our uniquely private and licensed, LoRaWAN® wireless connectivity on the 800MHz spectrum to enable health, safety and sustainability for commercial and industrial customers.

IotaComm™ was built on the premise that we could revolutionize how “things”, mainly battery powered environmental sensors, communicate with each other. We are advancing the digitalization of commercial and industrial facilities with a low-cost, high-value LPWAN wireless network based on the advantageous LoRaWAN® standard and our dedicated 800 MHz FCC-licensed spectrum.

Cellular networks were designed for people to communicate but are too costly and unreliable for most Internet of Things, smart building applications. Driven by this vision, we set out to build a next generation, fully dedicated network for wireless device connectivity that costs much less to operate, can travel long distances, and consumes very little power. Most of our sensors can run on battery power alone for as long as 10 years. Transmitting a multitude of environmental & building data safely, without interference or disruption from millions of connected devices has never been more achievable until now!


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