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Smart Building

An efficient and healthy environment inside buildings is more important than ever. Where people, operations, and financial data from multiple separate sources integrate into one platform for your building data management’s unmet needs to make key decisions.

Smart Building parameters must be accurately measured and consistently kept under control. Delphi360’s Smart Building Solution is your foundation for reliability, peace of mind and ongoing health, safety, and sustainability.

Take a Look

As a Facility Operator, Delphi360's Smart Building Solution will help you:

  • Support a master plan for desired outcomes and goals
  • Optimize Energy Consuming Systems
  • Ensure operational continuity
  • Reduce expenses
  • Integrate legacy building management systems with new capabilities
  • Access useful evidence-based data to make informed decisions
  • Achieve consistent point-in-time information
  • Collect, analyze, and share data across the building infrastructure
  • Advancing building systems, sensor technologies, the Internet of Things, data availability, and cloud computing and analytics

Health, Wellness and Safety for your Occupants

Current statistics from the EPA show that people spend almost 90% of their time indoors. Indoor concentrations are often 2× to 5× higher than typical outdoor concentrations. Optimization of air quality in rooms is essential for more healthy and productive indoor living and working conditions.

Achieve Sustainability Success

As you look to further improve energy efficiency and long-term sustainability, our Smart Building Solution leverages Delphi360 to better understand and unlock dramatic energy savings and improvements across the full range of your facilities.

Reimagine your Building Operations & Save Costs

Our real-time data and insights allow you to continually optimize and respond to changing building conditions, occupant needs and other external environmental factors. Better decisions can be made quickly when updated information is at your fingertips, freeing up operational time for value-added tasks.

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