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IotaComm™ Network

A Licensed Network Built for the Internet of Things (IoT)

The IotaComm Network is the backbone and enabler of all of our IoT solutions from Smart Buildings to Smart Energy. Purpose built for the Internet of Things, we are the first IoT network employing FCC licensed spectrum. What this means is that our sensors and devices operate within the portion of the radio spectrum reserved for organizations that have been granted FCC licenses. With exclusive rights, our communications operate without interference or spectrum crowding. Additionally, the FCC provides legal protection and enforcement to prevent other operators from transmitting over the same frequency in the same geographic area.

A Better Way to Connect

Our proprietary network gives us the ability to ensure that every system and part of your building will be connected with no interruption or problems. And almost equally important, it operates independent of your conventional IT infrastructure, so no interoperability headaches.


Designated by FCC for organizations with licenses, our network operates without interference or crowding.


Long-range, low-power consumption and low-cost allow for a highly scalable network solution.


Our network employs NSA level encryption which provides for more secure data transmission.

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